The headland has all that remains of a coastal heathland that once stretched between Bournemouth and Poole. This important habitat is dominated by Ling (common heather) and Bell-heather in the drier soils and Cross-leaved heath in the wetter areas. Dwarf Gorse and Tormentil add splashes of yellow. In the boggy areas Sundews supplement their ‘diet’ by trapping and devouring insects.

The Violet Ground Beetle, a nocturnal hunter and Green Tiger Beetle a powerful daytime predator are relatively common here. The Grayling butterfly which is in decline, is well camouflaged against the backdrop of pale sandy soils. Reptiles include the common lizard and adder. The Sand Lizard was re-introduced in the 1980s following its loss in the 1960s; however there have not been any sightings in recent times.The Nightjar is seen regularly over the heath together with the Little Owl during the early summer months.